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Wednesday Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:06am EST
Site Update Ongoing
Thursday, September 15 @ 20:43:23 EDTContributed by: ayren
NEW:  Members Map module (still under construction)  Please read the Forum Post for details.   2/26/2012 - Added deviantart, twitter, and steam fields to your profiles, and little icons in the forum posts if you fill them out.
2/26/2012 - Added gender icons to the forum posts (male, female, transgender, and unknown).
1/28/2012 - Fixed some things in the user groups section which isnt apparent to users...only admins.  oh well, needed to be done anyway.  also fixed the 'lost password' function which apparently hadn't been working.
12/18/2011 - Created a more visible link for admins to see when users are pending for the adults only section.  Also, greydogm20 is now...finally verified as an adult!  heheee....
12/18/2011 - On your profile page, all user info that is unanswered will now not show up at all.
12/12/2011 - Site finished transferring to the new server.  DAMN the new one is fast!!
11/25/2011 - Option to hide your online status now works (located in your account) although i hope no one hides cuz we all love each other right?!
11/25/2011 - Site now finally supports emailing other users.  the email button on their profile and on the forums under a persons post will take you to a form that allows emailing them through the site.  Also, in Your Account, next to your email address there is an option that you can deactivate allowing other users to send you emails via the site.
11/25/2011 - User list no longer has 'personality' and is cleaned up a little bit
11/6/2011 - Horseshoes rank now available courtesy of Bloodhound  go to Your Account to pick if you want paws or stars or horseshoes!
11/4/2011 - Made forum poster rank images chooseable.  go to Your Account to pick if you want paws or stars.
11/3/2011 - Put new block (random user photos) up and moved some blocks centrally.  tell me if u hate it.  The who's online block / module now tells u who has been online in the past 24 hours if you click it. 

11/3/2011 - Fixed a problem where some user pictures were not showing up correctly in their owner's profiles
11/2/2011 - Toying around with some blocks in new locations and made a new block. 
10/30/2011 - Fixed some uploading problems I found with the Photo Gallery.  similar thing with the user photo (but not as bad) was fixed.  but the photo gallery is bug fixed with regards to uploads.
10/30/2011 - Integrated birthdays with the calendar.  Now all birthdays will show up on the Calendar.  (they will not show up in the 'Upcoming Events' block though...they'll only show up in the Birthdays Block.)
10/30/2011 - Re-created the 'Birthdays' block on the front page, it is on the left directly underneath the 'Who's Online' block.  It will display all birthdays that are occuring within the next month (31 days) from today's date.  It requires that you have entered the day of your birth and the month of your birth in your profile (it doesnt matter if you don't enter the year).
10/23/2011 - I put a very tiny green arrow in the 'Most Recent Forum Posts Block' on the right side of this page.  Clicking this arrow will bring you to the MOST RECENT post of the thread, for those people who have been reading the thread and dont want to scroll to the bottom or click on the next page.
10/23/2011 - You may now edit your posts within 24 hours of posting.  details in the site updates thread
10/22/2011 - Changed the profile and private message icons in the forums to have furry characters instead of human ones :P 
10/22/2011 - Cleaned up poster details on the left side where usernames are.  Made join dates more readable and changed how total # of posts made by users are displayed.  Also added poster ranks, see this forum thread for details
10/22/2011 - Photo Gallery now allows you to upload photos and create albums.  You should also now have access to manipulate your old photos (if you had an album previously).  The link is in the Photo Gallery section at the top it will say 'Manage Your Albums' or something like that.
10/21/2011 - Created a skeleton administration portion of the photo gallery.  which was kinda pointless since im gonna make the GUI for admins part of the GUI for the users too but... i can port it to help me with the users GUI so.  Anyway.
10/16/2011 - Created the beginnings of a Photo Gallery module.  I had to re-create it from scratch so it was very annoying.  And that also means it is not very pretty yet.  It will be best to do it this way though.  I also spent a good long while porting over all the photos from the previous photo gallery and assigning their ownership to the appropriate users.  I will create interface so you can edit current photos and albums, and add more photos and another later time.
10/16/2011 - Edited smilies...created a page for you all to look at the smilies we have available: Please let me know which ones you want to keep and which u dont.  Forum Topic is here
10/14/2011 - Fixed the 'Total Posts' of users to reflect the posts made from before the update.  You post numbers are back!
10/13/2011 - Added a 'Submit an Event' link to the 'Upcoming Events' block on the left hand side (linked to the calendar)
10/13/2011 - Did a lot of work on the administration interface side to allow admins to approve and edit submitted calendar events 
10/13/2011 - Now you can set how many Forum posts you see on each page.  It is in Your Account at the bottom under Site Preferences.

i took a 2 week break without meaning to *hides*  .... sorry. 

9/28/2011 - Rehauled forum avatars.  They are now uploadable from your profile's 'My Photos' area
9/27/2011 - Started working on a new photo gallery.  The old one was... well it didnt store data in a database, and that definitely needs to change.  Wrote a script to secondarily create database entries for previously existing albums and categories and assign ownership to the appropriate users on this system.   (next will do the same for the actual pictures)

9/26/2011Tried unsuccessfully for 2 hours to understand complex javascript i want to port for a maps feature.  Got a headache and stopped.  Will pick it up again later.
9/25/2011 - Uploaded more smilies.  Viewable and usable when clicking the 'View More Emoticons' link in forum posts or private messages.  I actually have about 300 more but i think thats too many and i should just pick out the best that will have to wait for later
9/25/2011 - Wrote a new Contact Us / feedback module (link at top).  Submitted feedback will now be displayed to any admin logging in, so that issues can be addressed more quickly, by whomever can get to it first.  Allowed for anonymous feedback and feedback and feedback from non-logged in users, in the event someone has account problems.
9/25/2011 - Removed ALL spam accounts from the database.  (total of 1396 spam accounts out of 2196 registered users!!)  The last spam account was created Sept 18th, the same day we ported over to the new site!  Yay.
9/25/2011 - Ported the FAQ from previous site
9/25/2011 - Ported the Links from previous site, Links section up and running
9/25/2011 - Fixed date at top left under kyfurs logo and the dates at top left of contributed news (like this one)
9/25/2011 - Fixed front page template of news (blue header behind titles) and repositioned the 'Read More' link at the bottom of news contributions that are lengthy (like this one)
9/24/2011 - Ported over the old polls and finished setting up the new poll system.  Its much better (even if it doesnt look it yet!) and i'll make it prettier eventually
9/22/2011 - Fixed a minor administration link problem (i was lazy this day)
9/21/2011 - If you have new priv msgs, a red indicator will appear in top right box under the priv msgs link
                        - Disclaimer:  if you liked the 'pop up' window that showed up after logging in better, lemme know
9/21/2011 - (by request) A 'Remember Me' option placed in login box 
                        -I'm not entirely happy with the aesthetics of it..but i cant figure out how to place it to make it look nice
9/21/2011 - (by request) Access to the 18+ area of forums should be restored to all who had it.
                        -those that dont have access and want it should click the 'apply' link on the forum
9/20/2011 - Private messages should work, and restored priv-messages from previous site
9/19/2011 - Front page 'Forum Posts' right side block back up.
9/17&18/2011 - Hard code and general data transfer, skeleton site up Just as a disclaimer - none of your information or data or messages or whatever will be lost. I am backing up everything. If you do not see something or something is missing, don't panic, it is saved, it may just take a little while until full access to everything is restored.

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